Moving to Vox –

I’ve just rediscovered Vox. Coming from Six apart (they are the guys behind typepad and Movable type), I wouldn’t have excepted any less than the attention to aesthetics and usability that has obviously gone into Vox. I truly consider Vox the Apple of the blogosphere (time to find a new term for this one…it’s right up there with ‘Cyber’ in terms of cliche-factor).

Anyway, after exactly 8 days on WordPress and discovering some of the restrictions WordPress places on customization, I’m moving to Vox.

The new address is Come visit…


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Adobe Magazine relaunched

Adobe Magazine Front PagePreviously known as Adobe Proxy, the mag has been relaunched now as Adobe Magazine. I like the way content is presented in this magazine. It’s designed and edited for the online viewer rather than the print reader. It’s in the pdf format and serves as a good showcase of the capabilities of this format.

The content is rich and makes full use of animations and the PDF format’s graphical capabilities and the capability of content to be 3-dimensional rather than flat, encouraging user interaction rather than just scrolling through. In future versions though, I hope Adobe will support embedding of video, flash movies and streaming content such as Quicktime movies and Flash video streams in the document itself. Currently, the documents have to link outside to have the browser play video content.
I have always wondered why document tools such as MS Word and Adobe PDF don’t allow the embedding of video formats and Flash movies in documents – and if I was to be a little more long-sighted, allow format plugins! I see enormous potential and use here. From the perspective of a Software Engineer, the ability to embed Flash movies or AVI movies (for example) would allow the embedding of prototypes or proof-of-concept movies in design or architecture documents. This can be taken even further to build modeling tools that generate interactive models and diagrams such as UML diagrams that the user can “explore” from inside a document. That’s just one area where this will prove useful. There are probably far more important possibilities this functionality will bring. What do you think?

You can sign up at :

or download the magazine directly from

I originally came across this on Adobe Photoshop Product manager, John Nack’s most excellent site

For best viewing, use:
*Adobe Reader 8
*A Wide-screen LCD if possible
*Some links lead to video and audio content that are heard best with good quality speakers

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Atta & Amma

For Atta & Amma…

John Legend’s Coming Home [Album: Once Again, 2006]

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Just signed up with Tabblo

I will be posting a detailed review of tabblo a few days later. I like certain features like the fact that there is a picasa plugin – however the implementation of the plugin sucks…more details later…

My first tabblo with a few sample pictures taken at the Osellus New Year ’07 Party in Jan:

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A Rake; A Shroud

I find it difficult to start things. This is no different. So, I have decided to continue things. I am going to pretend I have been blogging for ever and just hope that this works where 5 previous attempts at regular meaningful blogging didn’t.

I’m no sage, luminary or prophet – of these I had illusions but no more. I now think of myself as a rake : not the long-handed tools with tines – but the term used to describe a stock character in a play or a movie.

Stock character or not, I have something to say and everything to save for my own posterity. Presenting…

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