Information week feed sucks…

I subscribe to a few hundred feeds. One of the feeds I have been barely tolerating is the Information Week “All news” feed. Today I finally had it and unsubscribed. How much effort does it take to design your feeds so that stories are not repeated a few hundred times? I am not exaggerating. I swear I found each story at least 30-40 times..repeated hour on hour! I cleaned up the feed last night before going to sleep (I live in Bangkok)…the feed was back with the duplicate feeds in all their glory this morning…

As a result, I am never going to wonder if The Mac more secure than Windows and if it matters!

Here’s a screenshot of my Google Reader Info Week subscription before I trashed it. THe blocks I haven’t highlighted were repeated too..I just can’t show the duplicates on the screen…Gngngngngnngngn
Information Week Subscription Google Reader


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